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Bespoke training programs are available from Strive4 to enable you to reach all fitness goals. Some people may not necessarily require a Personal trainer and may instead opt for the program route. Training programs are ideal for people not lacking in motivation, as they can acquire a tailored training regime to go through, without a trainer breathing down their neck! Programs are available to suit whatever goals people may have.

These can either be done over a Skype consultation, if you live outside the London area for example, or arrange a place of your choice to meet, and actually walk through the program step by step, ensuring full understanding and proper form is correct.

Popular Program Goals Include:

Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
Fat Loss
Sports Specific
Posture Correction
Injury Prevention

All programs will be designed especially for the individual after a detailed consultation. Programs are often a good money saving alternative to Personal Training. So even if you're a complete novice looking to widen your knowledge in fitness or a seasoned gym goer just looking for a change of routine, get in touch for a personalised program.